Welcome to IDEAL+

We are a small, independent group of Diversity and Inclusion Writers, Editors and Consultants with decades of experience working in ELT.


Our mission is to transform ELT with outstanding, engaging, diverse and inclusive materials that reflect the world of its users and creators.

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A globe-shaped panorama of a range of diverse people.
What we do



We get it. You want to make your products more inclusive and diverse, but you have to be sure you're getting it right. That's where we come in. 

Who we are



We're a collective; a think tank; an ideas storm. With a combined 60 years' experience in ELT teaching, publishing and assessment, we have the expertise you need.

How we work



Our number one goal is in our tag line; to transform the ELT landscape. We believe that nobody should be left behind, least of all in education.